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Intersectional praxis from within and without

Résumé: “Social movements, and in particular feminist movements, have been marked by conflicting identities that have relegated to the margins minoritized activists. Recent work on LGBTQ movements across Europe and North America have further shed light on the ways in which processes of marginalization, such as sexism, cisgenderism, and racism, have shaped these movements, thereby […] Lire la suite

Articles scientifiques

Why participate ? An intersectional analysis of LGBTQ people of colour activism in Canada d’Alexie Labelle

Notre doctorante Alexie Labelle publie un article dans la revue Politics, Groups and identities. En voici le résumé : The recent Black Lives Matter disruptions of Pride marches in Toronto and Montreal have brought to light a persistent conflict over the exclusion of people of color within LGBTQ movements in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. […] Lire la suite