At The Edge of a Transition? A Multi-Level Approach to Student Aid in the United States and Canada

Mounia Drissi, cherheuse invitée au CPDS, candidate au doctorat à Scuola Normale Superiore en Italie, présente ses recherches lors d’une conférence midi du CPDS

Résumé de la présentation :

In their recent federal budget (2018), the Canadian Liberals expanded eligibility for student grants and loans, while the United States’ Republicans reduced roughly $4 billion from grants and $100 billion from loans. Thus far, whether such events reflect stable political preferences is debatable. More interestingly, what happens at the federal level might only be part of the story. So how did the national-subnational levels interplay responsibilities towards student aid? Could political science provide any explanation to these dynamics? Could it go as far as predict the future of these policies?

The event proposes a multi-level approach to financial student aid and provides an opportunity to discuss the singularity of Canada as a case study.

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